MKI, MkII, and MkIII Battery Box Instructions

1. Remove the original battery brace.

2. Position the battery box just to the right of the gas tank mounting brace on cars with 3 link rear suspension. Position the battery box in the center on 4 link and IRS cars. Level the side flanges on the battery box with the tops of the 3/4 inch square tubes. Drill and rivet the box to the 3/4 inch square tubes.

WARNING! Do not install the battery box in front of the 3/4" brace that holds the gas tank, even if the battery box touches the three link cross brace. The gas tank brace needs to be able to swing forward in a rear end collision.

3. Drill and rivet the sides of the battery box.

4. Temporarily install the upper trunk floor, then reach through the hole in the bottom of the battery box and trace around the top of the box to mark the opening you will be cutting.  Then remove the trunk floor from the car and cut the hole you marked. 

NOTE: A good way to end up with a nice neat hole is to start with a rough hole in the center of where you want to end up then sneak up on your line with several cuts around the hole making your final cut only remove about a ¼ inch of material.  Then clean up the cut with a file.  It is also a good idea to do another test fit before you make your final cuts.

5. Install the trunk floor and rivet in place. 

6. Install the battery and the top.

WARNING!: Make sure the battery cables are pushed all the way down on the terminals and are tight. Make sure you use a rubber boot on the positive battery terminal. Make sure there are rubber grommets and split loom plastic sheathing on the battery cables where they pass through the battery box. Never install a battery with side terminals in this battery box. Failure to do any of these things could cause a fire hazard.

The battery you want is an Optima RedTop type 34 (not the type 24/78):


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