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Bill Dane


Because of new shipping requirements, I've decided to no longer carry this product. If you would like some, you can call 618-624-4091.

Welcome to FFMetal

I built my FFR Roadster about 12 years ago, using pretty much everything FFmetal had to offer. Just like it was for Linwood, the previous owner of FFmetal, it's also very important to me that anyone using FFmetal products are completely satisfied with them. They are manufactured very precisely and are designed to install easily without modification. If you are unhappy, for any reason, I will refund your money, no questions asked, if you return the item to me within 30 days, unmodified and in resalable condition. Thank you for visiting FFMetal.com. Please do not hesitate to call with your questions and comments.



I'll be away from the shop while on vacation beginning 7/2/21 on family matters. Can't say when I'll be back. Hopefully in a few weeks.

You can still make a purchase, and I'll get it out the door as soon as I get back.


Battery Box

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The Battery Box is installed in rear, upper part of the trunk floor. With 3 link it is installed a little to the driver's side. With 4 link it is installed in the center.

The Battery Box is made from .060 5052 aluminum and is designed to use the Optima RedTop type 34 (not the type 34/78). Inside dimensions are 10.125" x 7.25" across and 8" deep. Under no circumstances use a battery with side terminals in any metal battery box, even if you are not using the side terminals.

NOTE: For MK4 chassis with 2015 IRS. If your kit was produced before July 2017, please contact me before ordering. FFR changed their chassis design for 2015 IRS setups, and you may not have room for this battery box. For kits purchased after July 2017, sorry we're both out of luck. Breeze Automotive makes a nice engine compartment battery mount. If you do a Google search for Optima battery mounts, you'll find a wide variety of mounts that will work in the trunk (I like this one).

Fits ALL Roadster Models

Temporarily out of stock - ETA end of February.
You can still place your order, and your box will be out the door the day they I get them.

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Read Installation Instructions for Mk I, II, III
Read Installation Instructions for Mk IV

MK4 FireWall Forward Kit

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This kit moves the firewall forward 1.5 inches. This makes more room behind the dash for heaters and computers but does not get in the way of your wipers. The kit includes a .090 5052 firewall and bulbseal to mate to the driver's footbox panels. This is a perfect match for the MK4 pieces. This is only for Mk4 models.

Temporarily out of stock. More available in the first week of May.

More Info

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Transmission Tunnel Top

photo coming soon

Temporarily out of stock - ETA: end of August.

This is a direct replacement for the stock FFR piece, but thicker, stronger, and NO HOLE! Especially if you're using a midshift kit, you'll want this. When I built my car, I cut and bent my own replacement piece because I installed a midshift kit on my Tremec transmission. I didn't want to use the supplied blank off plate to cover the old hole and feel the uneven panels and rivets under the carpet. While I was at it, I made it thicker too, .060" vs the stock .040" piece. I like having the thicker, stronger aluminum there on top of the tunnel, I think you will too.

I have two of these on special, it's been "jitterbugged" with a sander which would be fine for powdercoating, or if you plan on covering it up anyway. I'll offer this for $74, shipped. Just send me an email at ffmetal.parts@gmail.com and I'll send you an invoice.

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Fat Front Tire "F" Panel Kit

Here is another cool setup the guys at SoFast Racing came up with. This kit replaces the “F” Panels and creates about the most front tire clearance possible. Check out the increased size and all the extra bends in the “F” Panels. If you want to run extra fat front tires this kit helps a lot. This kit is manufactured by SoFast Racing Inc. and is sold by FFMetal and SoFast Racing.

More Info

Temporarily out of stock - more coming soon. You can order now and I'll ship them out as soon as they arrive.

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Thicker .090 FireWall

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There are two styles of MK4 firewalls, each is exactly the same shape as your original. The only difference is it is made from .090 5052 aluminum. It is much stiffer than the original .040 one and will not flex when you bolt things to it, like a mechanical throttle linkage or heater parts.

Style A: Older Mk4 Design

If your stock FFR firewall driver's side opening is curved like style "A" in the photo below, choose this option:

The FireWall costs $89.00 at your door.

Shipping Location:

Style B: Newer Mk4 Design

If your stock FFR firewall driver's side opening is angled like style "B" in the photo below, choose this option:

The FireWall costs $89.00 at your door.

Shipping Location

The two styles are not interchangable.

Shifter Hole Plate

With all the different transmissions and motor mounts used in Factory Five Roadsters, sometimes the shifter does not line up with the shifter hole and the hole needs to be trimmed for clearance. This plate will help you restore the shifter hole so you can still mount the shift boot and trim ring.

Note: You don't need this AND the FFmetal transmission tunnel top.

Shifter Hole Plate costs $15.00 at your door.

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