The fit and machining of your aluminum is excellent, everything went together very nicely. I've got everything you sell on my car. The .090 thickness of the firewall and floorpans are reason enough to upgrade. The Firewall Forward gave me plenty of extra room behind my dash to install my heater and other components.

Atlanta Jeff
Received your package for the footbox this morning - appreciate the quick service - all of us who are building a car are in a hurry! Thanks

Ted Falk
Just an update, I installed the battery box in my coupe last night. I’m guessing the roadsters need to support the box on the short ends? For a coupe with a 3-link, if you made the exact same box but with the support pieces on the long ends, it would fit almost perfectly. I ended up ‘clearancing’ the bottom of the box on the passenger side. To make sure it will clear the panhard mount. I couldn’t really move it. Any further to the driver side or it would block access to the bolt that I need to tighten for the gas tank.
Thanks, I’m very happy with it!

Smackdown Hotel
I was the first to pick up the thicker firewall from Linwood and am damn glad for it. After cutting a fairly large hole for the heater and then mounting the wiper motor to the firewall, I wanted all the rigidity I could get. It turned out nice for me.

And if you think his products are of high quality wait till you see his car. It looks too nice to put in carpeting or even put a dash in front of the wiring - sorry to spill the beans Linwood.

I haven’t installed my e-brake cables yet but I don’t foresee any problems, as far as the battery box goes you couldn’t ask for a better product. The box does not get riveted on the sides until you install it between the cross tubes, giving it all the flexibility you may need for installation. It's very well made and worth the money!

Frank Messina
I have Linwood's in mine. Excellent fit with room for 4 X 4's. No complaints from my wife's side of the car.

I was going to build my on box, but got the Linwood box and it was well worth the $. Very well made, and includes everything you need.

Podus Rex
I've got a Mark II, and I used Linwood's version (ffmetal.com, one of our vendors). I'm real happy with it. It installed easily, and came with a thicker bottom plate for the driver's side too.

I used Linwood's (FFMetal.com) passenger footbox kit on my MkIII. It fits perfectly, and I have no clearance issues with my 460 and the 4-into-4 headers.

Another vote for the FFMetal battery box with access through the trunk. I made my own and it was a big mistake in terms of time spent for money saved..

Lukas Matzinger
As long as you can get under the car (ideally a lift) the bushings are pretty easy to change. I actually removed my whole aluminum pumpkin with the car on jack stands just to see if I could do it with my ffmetal box installed. I was surprised how easy it was, even lying under there. Took about 5 minutes.

For what it's worth, I'm planning to get mine from FFMetal.com. I don't think I could make a nicer one for the price.

I used Linwood's (FFMetal.com) Battery Box in my Project SuperCobra, made my life much easier, went in without a hitch, no wonder dozens of FFR builders are using them.

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