Here it is in it's completed form. I couldn't be happier.

It was a rare bright fall day when these were taken.

It has a nice stance I think.

I chose these wheels because they look like modern day Halibrands (original Cobra wheels), but with a modern flair. The open spoke design also shows off the big rotors and cool Cobra calipers.




I like how the trunk came out. Yes, those racing stripes are polished into the aluminum. The red thing there is the remote battery lug (you can't see the ground lug in this photo). I even added marine tiedown rings to keep things back there from sliding around. Courtesy lights too.

One the optional things I had the painter do is paint the underside of the trunk and hood and also continue the racing stripes there too.

The interior was tough, but it came out better than I'd hoped.

Cupholders are great. Nothing better than a Starbucks Grande hot chocolate to warm you up on a chilly fall ride. (Grande cups are a perfect fit)

I had already decided on the carbon fiber dash, but when I saw the CF doors on a FFR demo car, I knew I had to have them. Sure, they're lighter, but I got them for the looks to be honest.

The carbon fiber dash is so cool. The shift knob is also made of real carbon fiber!


This car normally has brakes from a regular Ford Mustang, but I used the Mustang Cobra brakes which are good for stopping a 3800 lb car quite well, you should feel how it stops this 2400 lb car!

I tried to use braided stainless steel hoses everywhere possible. Check out the upper radiator hose/tube.

You can kinda see the polished racing stripes on the firewall.

I'm pretty happy with the way the front radiator aluminum came out. I remade all the parts to custom fit this car. Instead of an oil cooler which is normally in the lower scoop area, I found an aluminum air scoop to fill in the area there. With the huge oil pan I have I didn't see a need for an oil cooler. For those of you not familiar with early race cars, the front and rear quickjack "bumpers" were used in the pits to lift up the car to change the tires.


Hard to beat a rear end like that. This is the view most cars will ever see (ha ha).

The fire extinguisher is kinda hokey now that all the rice-burners have them, but that's just good insurance in a custom built, high-performance car.

I served in the Navy for 8 years as an Avionics Technician, so I knew I had to have the red guarded switches.

I just installed these very cool Roush billet aluminum wire looms and Ford Racing wires.

My licence plate says it all.