Well, it's finally finished (12/06)! I started my Factory Five Racing build in October of 05 and shipped it off to NCPainter in March of 06, got it back 3 months later, and then got it about 97% complete about a month after that. I was battling some transmission issues which kept me from closing up the tranny tunnel and carpeting the car until recently. I've got about 11500 miles on it now (as of 3/11) and most of time you'd swear I could eat a banana sideways. This has been the singlemost rewarding project I've ever taken on.

The car is a non-donor build, Factory Five Racing Mark III Roadster (Cobra) with 3-Link rear suspension.

List of goodies:

  • Engine Factory 351w/400hp crate motor (1974 block with roller cam conversion),
    complete Edelbrock Performer RPM package
  • Wilwood pedalbox/hydraulic clutch from Fortes
  • Tremec TKO500 tranny with mid-shift kit from Forte
  • 13" Cobra brakes from Forte
  • 8.8 rear with 3.73 gears from Forte
  • 3-Link bracing from Vintage Performance Motorcars
  • Sumitomo 315/35/17 and 255/40/17 on FR500 chrome wheels from Cool Blue Performance
  • Heater from Southern Rods
  • Fresh air vents from CobraEarl
  • Trim pieces from ReplicaParts
  • Cool imprinted red guarded switches by Performance Unlimited
  • Turn signals and trunk struts from Russ Thompson
  • Everything FFmetal makes (great stuff)
  • Amazing paint by Dave at Worship One Customs (Viper Gray with WorshipOne Silver stripes)
  • Carbon fiber dash, door liners, shift knob, license plate frame, and spats
  • Rollbar plating by Kerr-West (nice work)
  • Carpet by CobraHeat
  • Seat heaters, and lots of bits and pieces from Breeze
  • Other trims pieces from Finish Line
  • Matching ceramic-coated exhaust shields from Drummer Mike (absolute must-have)
  • Blind rollbar fastening kit from Tangent Cobra
  • Aluminum door edge trim, dead pedal and pedal covers from Dark Water Customs (sweet!)
  • Way cool upper radiator tube from Carey Bell
  • Aluminum that can be seen in the engine compartment and trunk was given a "swirled" look by yours truly with a sanding disk and then clearcoated with POR15's Glisten PC. Yes, the racing stripes are polished into the firewall and cockpit/trunk wall.

I want to take the opportunity to thank a few people for their part in helping me complete my dream car.

  • Above all, I must thank my Lord, Jesus Christ for blessing me with this gift and the ability to build it.
  • My wife for putting up with the messy garage, parking outside during the winter (although I started her car for her every morning), enduring the bits of metal that get tracked into the house, cleaning my funky work clothes after a long build day. I love you Hunni!
  • Big thanks to Factory Five Racing, first for producing such a high quality product that allows average Joes like us to build way cool, high-performance cars like these. Secondly for standing behind your products and taking care of things when needed. They replaced a major defective component of my car at no cost to me without batting an eye.
  • I thank Dave Heidrich (NCpainter) at Worship One Customs, he did a spectacular job and not only did I get a great looking car, but I got a friend out of the deal too.
  • I thank Hal and Jeff at Tremec for standing behind their product and making things right.
  • Thanks to Donny at American Autowire for the incredible tech support.
  • To Mike Forte for supplying superior parts and tons of knowledge and making himself available 24-7.
  • I'd also like to thank Linwood Gorham (FFmetal) for all the help, support, and friendship.
  • Lastly I'd like to thanks the guys on the FFcars.com forum for all the humor, help, and advice.