I took delivery of the car in kit form on the 1st of October, 2005, early in the morning.

This truck left the factory with 15 kits in it. They've got this really slick crane that rolls up and down the trailer, picks the car up and brings it out the back.

This was a husband and wife team (Dennis and Jo) that travel around the country making everyone's dreams come true.

Cool crane, huh?

There I am, a proud papa for sure.

They set it down on a dolly and wheel it right into your garage.

My baby has been delivered. That wooden thing on the right is the "body buck". That's where the body is put when the chassis is being assembled.

Oh yeah, lots of boxes. This was one of three loads.

I'm literally up to my neck in boxes, but I couldn't be happier.

Me and the kids, we all took turns making engine sounds.

One of the boys made a comment of how the racing seats looked like their car booster seats.

The motor was actually delivered a few weeks earlier. 400 horses! (insert grunting noises here)